About a year ago when I questioned my beliefs in a deity and was seeking out evidence for God on Google, one thing became very apparent really quick: All the Theists have are Philosophical arguments. All I found in my research was the Kalam Cosmological argument, the fine tuning argument the ontological argument and many more.

With this I am of course stating the obvious but it was a really heavy blow to me and it was the final nail in the coffin of theism for me.

I found myself asking why there is no evidence, why God has no basis in science and why the hell we find apologists making arguments for God and not presenting evidence and most importantly, why there are debates about God to begin with!

In principle, we’re conditioned to not expect to see God, we expect him to stay hidden from us and to not reveal himself. In a Christian worldview or a Muslim worldview or any other theistic worldview this doesn’t make sense.

If we are to believe in a good God, who wants us to go to Heaven why isn’t this obvious? Why can’t apologists just go right ahead and point to the clouds and say: “Well here you go, there he is.” Why are there Atheists to begin with and why are there over 4000 religions in this world? Why is religion a geographical issue, rather than an intellectual one?

Theists continously fail to address these basic and obvious problems in their theology. In principle, God will throw a majority of people in hell, because they were born in the wrong place. All the controversy could be ended by God in this second, if he were to just reveal himself and tell us how to get to heaven.

More damning though, is the fact that the holy scriptures present us with a God who seems extremely interested in letting the public know about him. In the Bible we’re told how God guided his people during the Exodus and liberated them from slavery in Egypt yet he is nowhere to be found during the holocaust. Jesus worked miracles 24/7 he healed the sick, fed the hungry, walked on water and even conquered death yet today we have a total of zero confirmed miracles. God was very active during the 4000 years recorded in the Bible and also communicated with Muhammed through his angel Gabriel. Thousands no millions of miracles allegedly happened right before we had the scientific means to confirm them at which point God stopped performing them altogether. Every day we live our lives in a purely naturalistic world yet theists believe that it was vastly different centuries ago.

I personally believe, that the fact, that there are Atheists, the fact, that Theists can’t settle on one belief system and that miracles simply do not occur is all the evidence we need to conclude that Christianity, Islam and all other religions simply aren’t true or at the very least, that belief in them is unwarranted!

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

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