I can’t remember how many times I have asked theists the famous question, that Ken Ham was asked during his debate with Bill Nye: “What, if anything would ever change your mind?”

When it comes to most theists I have encountered, they tend to very blunt about it: “Nothing!” Now this of course doesn’t go for all or even most theists on this world but the ones I have encountered tend to give that answer.

This of course begs the question: What would convince me as an atheist, that I’m wrong and that a deity indeed does exist, so this shall be the topic of this post:

Truth be told, I am not going to be easily convinced of this claim. After all, this is quite an extraordinary claim and quite frankly, the concept of a God as theists normally define them or as holy books describe them seems quite foreign to me.

Nevertheless here are some things, that at the very least would compell me to have a second look at God claims and at best would probably lead me to a belief in a God (the list goes from rather weak evidence to strong evidence):

  • Now one of the first evidences that would make me have a second look is if archeological evidence of say the Exodus was found. For instance if we were to find the 10 commandments on the stone plates if we were to find a wealth of evidence and documentation of the 10 plagues. Similarly of course if Noah’s Ark was found (and no the Ark hasn’t been found yet) that would also get me to think. Of course I’m open to archeological evidence to confirm Islam or Hinduism or even Mor(m)onism but that alone wouldn’t be enough to make a convincing case but I would need to investigate these and reconsider
  • the second evidence would be if prayer studies came out positive and showed impressive results that couldn’t be attributed to pure chance or some Psychological effects. It would be especially impressive if it could be shown that only prayers of one specific group would show positive results so we could conclude that not merely the practice itself is useful but that it shows real world results when you pray to one deity exclusively. This would definitely peak my interest as well
  • Thirdly would be the confirmation of God’s communication with people. If we were to have Christian or Muslim or Hindu Prophets who would consistently predict major events such as a major natural catastrophe in december at whatever region and do this repeatedly and attribute it to a deity that to me would show that there is definitely something there. Of course the communication of God with people could be tested in many ways, but curiously most theists won’t do that and wave it away with Deuteronomy 6: 16 despite the fact that it would be strong evidence and many would be converted. To me that alone wouldn’t cause me to believe but if you couple that with point 1 or even better 2 I do think I’d be converted
  • Last of course would be if the problem of Divine Hiddenness was solved. That is if God or Angels or Jesus or any other Divine figure were to come around reveal themselves to all of us and we could even record it to confirm it later for ourselves. Now I think that would make a believer out of me and everybody else alive

That was the list of things that would probably make me think or with the most compelling evidence outright convert me. It is of course far from complete but in essence these four categories are representative of the evidence I would accept.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

3 thoughts on “What would convince me

  1. From my perspective as a Pandeist, I would suggest that the items proposed as evidence above wouldn’t convince me of any claim of omnipotence, as they could be accomplished by any being exactly powerful enough to accomplish them. One issue with theistic accounts is that they present with great flourish and pomp relatively minor miracles, restricted to a narrow geographic portion of one planet in a vast Universe.

    To convince me, I would ask, show me as Vishnu did Arjuna on the battlefield the vast hidden wonders unfolding throughout our Universe, beyond the scope of any human capacity to discover through natural means.

    In the meanwhile I will hew to the explanatory possibility of Pandeism, but can not claim to “know” what others seem to claim to. Blessings!!


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