As I woke up this morning  in found myself delighted as I saw a fellow atheists tweeting. This morning #YouMightBeAChristian was trending. Needless to say that I wanted to get a few shots in as well and so I joined in on the action. The examples I as well as others wrote showed me above all else one thing very clearly: That Christians especially fundamentalists are hypocrites.

I have no illusions that the following examples are in no way close to even covering 1 percent of the list that me and other atheists could come up with but I think it should give you a rough idea of what the complete lis could look like:

Now the first item is so blatantly obvious that I’m almost ashamed to present it. Then again it wouldn’t be complete without it:

I am of course talking about the fact, that Christians will continously claim the moral highground and ask us where we get our morals from all the while making excuses for the evil dictator in the Bible also known as Yahweh.

When pressed on things like the Flood or the murder of the firstborns in Egypt it’s almost comical how quickly Christians will throw the 10 commandments overboard and try to make excuses for why it’s perfectly fine for God to kill innocents. Their mental gymnastics when it comes to Exodus 21 and slavery leave me in awe. It’s truly impressive how little Christians care about human life, when they need to defend their deity.

But it gets even worse when it comes to science or specificallly the pseudoscience that we know as “Creation science” . If you have ever debated a creationists I’m sure you have already heard the objection that “that’s not a change in kinds” and therefore not evolution. When you ask them what a “kind” is they do one of these things: Either they leave them undefined and insist that it’s just common sense, they give examples or if you’re talking with somebody who knows a little bit about this he’ll say they’re more at family level. And in the last response lies the hypocrisy I want to point out next:

As it happens we find a few examples of “kinds” in Leviticus 11 and while they are mostly at family level, you’ll find that raven’s are named as one kind which are species, the Locust kinds are species as well, while the beetle kind refers to an order and grasshoppers to a suborder. In other words: We don’t know what the hell a kind is, as they can range from species to order. Now naturally of course the creationist will ignore this clear fact and define his kinds as he wishes instead of turning to the infallible word of God which would reveal some clear inconsistencies instead of answers.

Now we come to my last example and I’ll make this one short and sweet:

how Ken Ham solves the poop problem with Noah’s ark

What does the Bible say again about adding to scripture? I think Proverbs 30: 5.6 provides a clear answer (the first few words are of course wrong): “Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar.

Next time somebody adds to scripture, you now know what to do ; )

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

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