H ow often have you heard the following statements:

  • “You can’t prove God doesn’t exist”
  • “What’s your evidence that the universe came nothing?”
  • “Why are there still apes?”

or even:

  • ” Nothing will ever change my mind!”

I personally have heard these statements and variations of them many times ever since I started to debate theists in general and Christian creationists in particular. All of these statements have of course one thing in common: They show these people to be willfully ignorant at best and outright unreasonable at worst. At first of course I found myself in despair as I saw just how brainwashed and indoctrinated people can be. I have never before in my life encountered people like these and I didn’t know how I could possibly reach them, how I could plant some seeds of doubt in their head and how, if everything went according to plan, I could win them over to my side. 8 months later I think I have found an answer:

In most cases I can’t!

I have seen it all: I have seen people deny what they saw with their own eyes, I heard them tell me that they’d rather slit their own throat than give up their faith. I even had a creationist tell me that he knew what the implications of the paper that I provided him were but that he has to ignore it. After all these conversations it is no longer my goal to persuade them but to expose them and persuade the people that might be watching the conversation. I do it so that other followers who might be open to change their minds will see the arguments for God debunked or even better will themselves jump in so that I could argue with them further.

Ultimately all I can do is provide the sources, give refuations, show inconsistencies within their holy book and exposing people like Ken Ham, Kent Hovind or Ray Comfort as the frauds that they are. I have no illisions that I fight an uphill battle and I will have to continue to try to reason with people who won’t be reasoned with because they’re not intellectualy honest and they don’t care about evidence at all but showing others who might be open minded exactly this fact, that the people they respect and look up to aren’t honest evidence driven people but religiously motivated con artists and sharlatans. That is one of the most important jobs that I need to fulfill on Social media and here. For all the Creationists that might read this post one day, I want to show you some clips/articles of two people who you most likely hold in high regards:

Ray Comfort

(about 12 minutes)

Ray Comfort (part 2)

(about 4 minutes)


Ken Ham

( article: about 2 minutes if you don’t follow further links)

Ken Ham (part 2)

(about 5 minutes)

After watching/reading this ask yourself the following: If their position is true why do they defend it dishonestly?

To me the answer is clear but you’re of course free to come to your own conclusions.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

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