Yesterday as I stumbled upon the following Tweet of Ray Comfort:

“The friendly preacher who fails to warn of the reality of Hell, betrays the Son of God with a kiss.”

I had the really strange thought that Ray may actually  (for the first time in his life) be right about this issue. Of course he’s not right that Jesus was betrayed or that hell actually exists but he’s right about the fact that most preachers and especially most Christians don’t seem to be alarmed about the (in their mind) very real consequences of their religious beliefs.

If you think about the fact that only about 1/3 of the world identifies as Christian you would think that every Christian would do everything in his power to see everyone converted to Jesus. With the eternal consequences that belief/disbelief has it would be the reasonable, compassionate and morally right action to devote your life to saving souls. Yet strangely enough most Christians live their lives just like I do. Granted I get to sleep longer on Sunday, I don’t talk to the air and I actually read the Bible but other than that we have similar livestyles. They enjoy watching and playing sports just like I do, they enjoy watching TV series and movies just like I do (maybe even the blasphemous ones) they find joy and happiness in a mostly secular lifestyle just like I do.

Now this of course isn’t a staggering observation but I still find it to be a curious one.    Why?

Because there is another option besides eternal torment that guarantees them an eternity of bliss and fun and happyness and love.

Those two promises, those two consequences should normally be very real to anybody who calls himself a Christian (although Muslims and others have of course similar belief systems).

To all my atheist readers: What would you do if you truly believed that those two places exist and that over 4.5 billion people living on this Earth right now will be tortured for eternity?

I tell you what I would Do (and I hope that most if not all of my readers will agree):

I would study and make my doctrate in Christian apologetics and I would make it my life mission to become the next William Lane Craig, with the obvious exception that I wouldn’t suck. I would try to find evidence for God and Christianity, I wouldn’t leave a rock unturned, and I would spend every waking moment of my life trying to convert nonbelievers. I would do so because I know I will get my reward in the next life after this one and because I owe it to the people and myself.

Strangely enough though I can only think of a handful of Christians who are getting remotely close to the standard that heaven and hell demand while the vast majority doesn’t seem to be concerned at all. My question is simple: Why aren’t Christians more concerned?

I’ll leave you with this to ponder on but I suspect you already know your answer.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

4 thoughts on “The Christian’s relationship with Heaven and Hell

  1. Very well said! Even when I was a Christian, I was bothered by this fact. So many who claim to be Christians live a life like hell, yet think they’re going to heaven. So many who claim to be Christians will go out in the world where nobody could even think they’re Christians. You’re absolutely right, even if I didn’t have a doctorate in apologetics, I’d still be beating the street if I were still a Christian. And I used to. I used to witness every chance I had.

    Now I’m even MORE vocal about the truth that there IS NO HELL. Why? Because religion is so confining and controlling, based upon bronze age mythology that harms so much more than it helps.

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      1. There’s so much more to be said on this subject, but right now I’m going to let it stew in the back of my head until I’m ready to take it on myself.


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