Inevitably when asking about evidence that Christianity, Christians will bring up, what they think is convincing historical evidence for Jesus resurrection. The most popular method nowadays is an inference to the best explanation. They often contend that, these 4 “historical facts” are best explained by Jesus resurrection:

  • Jesus was crucified
  • there was an empty tomb
  • there were post resurrection appearances
  • the birth of Christianity itself

I personally remain unconvinced of fact #2 and #3 but what Christians fail to realize is, that even if the resurrection is the best explanation of the 4 facts (I don’t think it is) and even if it did happen, that in and of itself is not sufficient proof for Christianity.

As far as I’m concerned, Christianity is also dependent on Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve did not exist (or didn’t exist in the way the Bible describes them), then there is no such thing as sin and Jesus just died and resurrected for whatever reason, not for the reason the Bible explicitly describes.

But I go even further than that: Jesus resurrection does not in any way, shape or form prove the divinity of Jesus. In order to prove, that Jesus was the son of the Christian God Yahweh at least the following points need to be established beyond reasonable doubt:

  • the existence of a god. In order to propose, that Jesus was divine and the son of God, the existence of a deity would first have to be demonstrated
  • the god is a personal theistic god. It does nothing for Christianity to prove a prime mover who set the Big Bang in place and then just sits back and watches it unfold. Unless God is interested in human affairs and interferes in nature, Jesus divinity, let alone the truth of Christianity cannot be reasonably established and needs to be taken on faith
  • God is capable of reversing biological death. A theistic God who might be interested in humans and might even be able to grow back a limb or heal cancer is good and fine. In order to prove Christianity though, God is required to reverse biological death. He needs to have the power and ability to bring back a person from death.
  • God is interested in resurrecting a human. Having the ability to raise a man doesn’t necessitate the willingness to do so after all.
  •  There is nothing besides God that can perform the act of reversing biological death. If say, extraterrestrials had the ability to perform actions like that, we would have a competing hypothesis and Christianity would be in doubt.

I, as an Atheist not only claim, that the resurrection hasn’t been established at all, I also claim, that the existence of Adam and Eve as described in the Bible hasn’t been demonstrated (and that we have good reasons to be skeptical of their existence). Furthermore as far as I know none of the 5 points above have been demonstrated and 4 out of those 5 barely get addressed, if they get addressed at all.

Therefore the truth of Christianity as far as I’m concerned has yet to be proven and needs to be taken on faith.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

One thought on “Requirements for proving Christianity

  1. Myths are by definition non-literal, metaphorical iterations of spiritual truths. It follows, then, that Christianity, which is the repository of the dominant myths underlying western civilization, is true–not literally true , let me say again, but metaphorically true. Any approach to the stories other than a metaphorical approach perverts their truth, diminishes their power. Just because we have for so long misread the myths doesn’t make them less true. It just means we’re too dim to get them.


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