One thing, that seems to come up rather often these days is how Atheism/Naturalism can account for the uniformity of nature. The theists of course posit God as the explanation for the uniformity of nature stating that “God holds the universe together and keeps it orderly and uniform” . It is my aim in this post, to show the way I see the uniformity of nature and to show, why God fails as an explanation for it.

First of, Apologists seem to be in the mindset, that the default position of the universe or the natural world in general (if there is indeed a multiverse)  is total and utter chaos and nonuniformity. They already seem to be in the mindset, that order and uniformity needs to be imposed, that it is an effect. In order to propose, that the uniformity of nature is an effect they need to assume, that God himself is uniform and that his uniformity is intrinsic and need not be imposed. They are denying the uniformity of nature but require it as an effect in order to create a need for their god while simultaneously claiming that his uniformity is intrinsic. That is what we call Special pleading. When they can claim that uniformity is an intrinsic part of Gods nature but they provide no evidence for it, then it is open for me to claim, that nature is intrinsically uniform and I don’t need to provide evidence either.

At this point, both sides can cite Hitchens Razor: “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.” but my explanation would require one less assumption plus I’m not the one complaining, that the other side needs to account for this or that, the other side is complaining to me.

But that isn’t my explanation. I don’t have an explanation. Under naturalism you would expect energy and matter to have certain properties with which they interact, you would expect these properties not to change but why these properties (gravity for example) are the way the are and aren’t otherwise isn’t something we can explain yet.

As far as I’m concerned though you can’t rely on the uniformity of nature under theism at all!

Under theism miracles are possible. Miracles are defined as a suspension of the laws of nature which means, that the universe when a miracle happens isn’t uniform. The way energy and matter interacts with each other changes.

There is a reason science is intrinsically atheistic in nature. If at any given time a deity suspends the laws of nature the scientist can never be sure of his results. Sure, the result might be the same as in the previous experiment but we can’t be certain, that it isn’t just Yahweh or Allah again who just performs a miracle and changes the way matter and energy interact. Theists need to take it on faith, that God isn’t suspending these laws right now. Under methodological naturalism, that isn’t possible, which is yet another reason why good science works with methodolological naturalism (there are a few more).

I can rely on the uniformity of nature and while I am blocked from explaining the properties, theists are left with a nonanswer and need to rely on the goodwill of their particular God to uphold the order of the universe and not suspend it.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

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