I think many believers as well as unbelievers who actively discuss the topic of God’s existence, try to either infer from the observed Universe what God must be like or try to infer from the proposed definition of God what the Universe should be like.

Very rarely though do most people take a look at God’s attributes and try to infer what kind of a being God is on an emotional level, on an intellectual level etc. .

It is my contention that if God exists, he must be going through a very depressing existence, which would actually go a long way to explain why people die every day in antagonizing deaths, since he’d want to let his frustration out.

Just think about what omniscience entails. When you’re omniscient you know everything. That sounds great at face value but knowing everything means being incapable of learning anything.

I don’t know how you feel but as far as I’m concerned, learning is fun. Discovering new things about the world, experiencing the joy of discovery is an enriching wonderful experience. God however who knows everything and subsequently isn’t capable of learning, has never experienced what it’s like to learn and discover.

This of course presents little bit of a paradox for God but let’s leave that aside for the moment.

Christians also often profess that God knows every thought, that I ever had or ever will have in my entire life.

How then can you have a dynamic dialogue with another person if you’re God. Discussing various topics, seeing various different viewpoints that should be outright impossible for God. He knows what I’m thinking and saying ahead of time and if we disagree, he knows exactly why I’m wrong and why he’s right.

It must be truly depressing to converse with such a being and it’s depressing to be a being, that is incapable of learning.

Moving away from omniscience it should also be true that as an omnipotent being he’s practically invincible. He can’t be touched.

Subsequently he’s incapable of two more things: Having fears and struggling.

Don’t get me wrong having fear and struggling in your life isn’t fun. An essential part, that makes the human experience is relief of fear. I think we all know the feeling, when we’re about to write an important test. We are afraid and that isn’t fun but it’s one hell of a good feeling when we get the test results a few weeks later with the desired result!

We feel an incredible sense of relief. God is incapable of feeling that, because he never had any fear to begin with and of course because he’s incapable of failing. All tests he could ever write would have the same result: A+ without a single mistake.

He can’t be surprised, he can’t be overwhelmed with happiness that he succeeded because he never fails in anything he does!

One last thing that ties in with my previous point is the question of how could God feel any sense of pride?

Think about it: God always existed, uncaused with nothing being capable of making him who he is (since he’s unchanging) with him just being him eternally.

There is nothing that shaped his personality, he never had to work for anything because his desires will be fulfilled simply by him desiring it and he never accomplished anything, because all possible accomplishments amount to nothing compared to who he is.

Him creating a Universe is as much an accomplishment for him as me existing for the next second is an accomplishment for me.

If you never had to work for anything and if you never accomplished anything or at least not anything meaningful, then I can’t tell of what God can be proud of concerning his existence.

If he exists, I truly feel sorry for him.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation


One thought on “God’s depressing existence

  1. Rene – Nice blog. You have a good understanding of the human experience and the appreciation of the challenges we all face – and the way we grow ourselves through adversity. Like you, I appreciate learning. But to say God isn’t capable of learning is forgetting something. God is living vicariously through us and learning about us as we make decisions about Him and about life. He knows our decisions because He’s in both our past and our future. But He doesn’t control us. Thus, He’s always learning about us and has already learned about us. I hope that makes sense as it’s a bit difficult to explain.

    Consider why God created us. Consider why people desire to have children. We know our lives won’t be easier with kids. In the U.S., estimates suggest each child costs his or her parents $250,000 before he or she turns 18. We know it will be expensive to have kids and our lives will be more difficult. Studies have indicated people who have kids are not happier than those who don’t. Yet we still want to have kids. We want to give them good lives. We want them to thrive despite adversity. We want them to be strong and to contribute to a better world. That’s what God wants of us as well. And He has placed us in particular circumstances to overcome our specific deficits. I know my weaknesses – and I appreciate that I’ve been put in particular circumstances to overcome them.


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