Today I wanna talk a bit about Performance as well as how it relates to Christianity as well as the Christian God himself.

Arguably what our society is based on is performance and our will to achieve things. If you are good at your job, you get a raise or more holidays. If you suck at your job then you may have to take a pay-cut or even lose your job entirely.

People admire people who are good at their craft. Footballers are handsomely paid because they are the best at what they do and people wanna watch the best compete against the best and they are willing to pay money for it. The further you get in a tournament or the better you are the more people will watch you and will pay and the more you will earn. Your pay is reflective of the revenue you bring in. At least that is the idea.

And this is what most of us consider fair. The more money you make the more money you earn. The better you perform the better your standing is.

What is also important to note is another aspect: Your performance is also measured against a standard. When you are at a normal job nobody is should be expecting you to work 14 hours a day 70 hours a week. Your performance is measured against a standard of what you can be reasonably expected to be capable off.

You are judged on your performance while your limits which we all have are acknowledged. When you may do extraordinarily good work within your limits then you have achieved something and a reward might be in order.

So…. all of this should be obvious. Where am I going with this? Well this is a blog post about the Christian God and Christianity. Let’s just say there are issues. First with God:

When we speak of God we are speaking of an omnipotent perfect being. A being without limits. And seeing that God has no limits nothing he can ever do will ever be an achievement or a great performance. With unlimited resources and unlimited powers and might and knowledge nothing is a challenge for God. No creation difficult to make. No idea, no invention in any way impressive.

In being as powerful as he is and as unlimited as he is, measured against an incredibly incredibly high standard God must, whatever he does whatever he creates, be considered an average performer at best an underachiever at worst.

We don’t applaud Lionel Messi if he scores a hattrick against a bunch of 8 year olds. Why would one applaud God if he pulls a Universe out of his hat?

But there is another aspect I wanna talk about and that is Christianity itself. It is my position that Christianity flies in the face of the very principle upon which our society is built.

Why is that? Well according to most Christians there are two ways, at least theoretically, to get into Heaven: One way is belief in Jesus as Lord and his resurrection as well as repetance and the other is to never ever sin in your entire life. The former has nothing to do with performance you do not choose your beliefs and you cannot decide over your intellectual persuasion.

What about the latter? Well the problem with the latter is that it is impossible to fulfill according to Christianity. Within the Bible it says on many occasions that we are by nature sinful and that every single human being is a sinner. It is an impossible standard for us to meet, an impossible test to pass.

I often use the following analogy: Let’s say you have a child who is 6 years old and you demand him to pass a test. It’s a 8th semester astronomy Quiz that you normally get 3 hours to work on but you give your child ten minutes and not only must he pass the test he must get an A. If he fails the test he gets grounded.

Now it should be blatantly obvious that you would be a very unreasonable parent in treating your child this way. Now if for example you are a married man and you see let’s say 50 shades of grey and are aroused guess what you just sinned and that sin alone means you haven’t passed the test. Dito for when you are invited over to eat at your friends house and you lie that the food tastes good.

It’s an unreasonable and impossible standard that is applied to us. What is worse there are no stages of hell to my knowledge. There is only one hell. It makes no difference as far as the torment goes whether you lied 1 time in your life or whether you were partaking in the Holocaust within Nazi Germany and killed thousands or even millions of people.

Let’s say my child was good enough to get a B+ on the astronomy test yet he is gonna be grounded for an entire month, the same amount of time he would’ve been grounded had he gotten an F.

There is one last aspect I wanna address: Animals.

The way I see it there are four options for the animals: Either they get automatically to Heaven or they get automatically to Hell or they do not get an opportunity for an afterlife at all and just cease to exist after they’re dead. Now if they automatically get sent to Heaven or to Hell then obviously their performance while being on Earth was irrelevant. There was no test for them at all. If they just cease to exist then there wasn’t a test either and they were robbed of any opportunity at all to qualify.

So that’s it. That is just one more reason why I find Christianity to be quite the irrational worldview.

Goodbye from yours truly,


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