Normally when you start writing on a blog, you start by introducing yourself. While I did do that rather briefly in my first blog post it did get lost a little bit among the reasons why I am doing this. My “about me” page doesn’t give too much info on myself neither. By now I have written over 100 articles and I never came around to really tell my readers more about me (aside from a few snippets here and there and the biggest tragedy of my life) … so I want to do that now!

My name is René, I am 20 years old at the point at which I write this (10th October 2017) I am currently a University student in Bayreuth though my actual home is in the region of Erding. I have to travel 3 hours to get from my actual home to Bayreuth, which I do almost every week. I am currently studying business economics. I’m living in a little apartment which I have for myself during the week and at the weekends I live with my Dad.

The reason I say that I live with my Dad rather than with my parents, is because my mom died of cancer when I was 14. This is the aforementioned tragedy but I won’t elucidate in this blog, seeing that I already did so .

I am the only child my parents had. I never had any pets, because I found fish or hamsters to be too boring, my Dad isn’t a big fan of cats and I have canophobia, which means I’m afraid of dogs. I got attacked by a dog as a child and I fear them ever since. I got also attacked by one just this year but managed to get away with an injured knee.

I have visited many countries and cities among which are England (London), Greece (Crete), Italy (Rome, Sicily), Spain (Majorca), Kenya (Nairobi) , as well as France (Paris). My favorite place would have to be Paris. I haven’t visited many cities in my home country of Germany but I have been in Bremen four times already.

The reason for this is, that my favorite soccer club is from Bremen: SV Werder Bremen. Subsequently my favorite colour is green and my favorite beer is Beck’s .Growing up near Munich, you can imagine that the fandom for the club wasn’t shared by my peers.

Contrary to the impression one might from Twitter, my favorite food isn’t Döner Kebab, it’s noodles with Ham. My parents know a great way to prepare them and they have passed that on to me.

I have started cooking at the age of 15 and I’d say I’m not too bad for my age. I can manage rudamentaries like Spaghetti or Cordon Bleu but I have also managed to pull off a beef roulade.

Though my parents did raise me deistically (we never talked about Jesus at all in our household and only rarely about God in general) I’m still confirmed within the Catholic church. I did get a day off of school and a few gifts as a result of it, so it was a good deal at that time.

As you can see Atheism is only a tiny part of my personality and outside of internet discussions and this blog I almost never talk about it at all. So that among other things is basically me.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation


One thought on “The personal stuff

  1. Buisiness economics is rather dogmatic. Try & gatecrash some logic lectures & philosophy of science.
    Critical thinking is the purpose of education, anything which doesn’t serve that end is job training at best, indoctrination at worst.
    I mention this due to the credulous attitude your colleagues displayed yesterday regarding academic psychology.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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