Recently I came across a poll on Twitter that asked the following question:

“Other than Jesus, which person in the Bible would you most want to meet today and why?”

the options given were Paul, Moses, Mary, or another figure altogether. I find this to be an interesting question so I want to discuss the top 3 people out of the Bible (besides Jesus) who I’d want to meet and talk to.

I’ll have to assume of course, that these people actually existed, which I dispute with the last 2, but under the assumption that all three were historical figures here are the people I’d want to meet.

I think the first person it would be worthwhile to meet would be Abraham. The simple reason for that is, that he’s basically the founding father of Judaism, Christianity and of course Islam and his story, in which he almost killed his son Isaac is known around the world.

I’d have to ask him, how he felt about leaving such a legacy behind, being one of the most famous people in the world and contributing to the two biggest religions in the world. After all the abrahamic religions are named after him. Furthermore I’d have to ask him, which of the three he sees as the most rationale and which one of them he holds to be true (if he thinks one of the three is true).

Furthermore it’d also be interesting to get an insight on what was going on inside his head, when he was on his journey of sacrificing his own son.

The second person I’d be interested in engaging with would be Noah. I’d be interested to hear from him, whether AiG actually had it right concerning how the Ark looked like and how he managed to fit them all on the Ark.

I’d also love him to explain how he managed to build the giant ship, what this wicked generation that God wiped out was like and whether or not there really were Dinosaurs aboard the Ark.

I’d also love to hear what life was like aboard a ship for an entire year with all the animals crammed together. Surely this must’ve been an exhausting task for him and his family but I’d love to hear him describing the experience.

The last person who I’d be very interested in meeting would be either Adam or Eve. The reason I’d want to meet one of those two is rather obvious. They were the first humans ever and they were in God’s presence in the garden of Eden (at least according to Christian theology).

I’d have to ask him what the garden itself looked like and whether or not it was really “very good”. I’d also have to ask, whether they knew beforehand that eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil was indeed a wrong action. It would also be interesting to ask Adam or Eve what God was like. What did he look like for instance, or did he have any human features at all. Furthermore the question of how they felt immediately after their big blunder when they got evicted from the garden.

While I don’t think Adam, Eve or Noah actually existed and while I will never be able to speak to them but it would still be interesting if we were in a position to do that. Those three people would be my favorites among many biblical figures, who I’d love to talk to.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

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