When investigating the Question whether God does or doesn’t exist or whether he’s morally good or morally bad I often feel like God is treated with kid gloves. Oftentimes people dare not scrutinize this “God” asserting that “God is mysterious” or that “Questioning God is like an ant questioning Einstein” . It always bothers and confuses me, that God gets all the benefits of the doubts that we otherwise wouldn’t give anyone else.

It’s often that Theists bend over backwards to excuse the behavior of the God of the old Tedtament when he slaughtered the children of Egypt or when he killed Jobs entire family and sometimes Muslims also go so far to make excuses for Muhammad who got married to an innocent child. Oftentimes every excuse is sufficient, even if they go so far to say that since God is the Creator he gets to escape scot free altogether.

But why? Just because he created something (assuming he exists) doesn’t mean he automatically gets to destroy it. If I were to build a house out of wood and would then burn it to the ground people wouldn’t tell me it’s within my right to do that, they would call the police. Why? Because we as humans place limits upon what you can and cannot do with your creations. One of those limits is that you can’t burn down your own house, because it puts the environment and other people at risk.

Strangely enough though Theists oftentimes put no moral limits on what God ought and ought not do at all.

The reason for this is of course rather obvious. If we were to do that then we would see, that the God of the Bible oftentimes uses us pawns in a wicked game of human chess.

But we are more than that. We’re sentient beings. We’re not puppets on a string with which God can do as he pleases. To believe this is to believe yourself to be a slave. It’s to denegrade yourself and your fellow human beings. God is and should be accountable to us.

The fact that God gets a sort of special treatment is something that I not only observe among Theists but also among Atheists. I think this is going to be controversial but here it goes anyways:

Why are we afraid to admit to knowledge? We know that deities (at least 99% of them) are man made. We know that the Universe certainly doesn’t look like it was made for us. We’re not at the centre of the Universe and we know that the vast majority of it is lethal to life. I’d also argue that the Universe is outright wasteful. Why would God bother with an entire Universe, if we are to be his special Creation? Why didn’t he merely create Earth and left the rest of it out? Sure many Theists will claim that he created it to glorify him but he could’ve also created the Earth with some extra perks in the sky to reach the exact same goal.

The thing I’m getting at is this: We know deities are made up (even Theists agree except in one case), we know the Universe is hostile to us. Furthermore I can make a case, that the free will excuse for the problem of evil doesn’t hold up, I am certain that a “good” God would’ve given us less evil than we currently experience. I’m not aware of any reason why God wouldn’t just reveal himself to us in some capacity and I’m certain that there is no reason for it, that I would find compelling. I also know that some of God’s attributes are contradictory and/or irreconcilable with reality.

We do know things and we do have a case. We shouldn’t be afraid to admit it. We also shouldn’t be afraid to say, based on what I at least perceive overwhelming evidence against God’s existence, that God doesn’t exist. Now don’t get me wrong I am not 100% certain of this. Neither am I 100% certain of my existence or the existence of reality. We don’t need deductive certainty. If I say Santa Clause doesn’t exist no one pays any attention to me. Say the same thing about God and everyone including nonbelievers pounces on me. It seems to me, that in every case but God inductive knowledge is sufficient. We treat God as if he has more credibility, than other propositions, when we have no reason to put him on a pedestal.

We don’t need to know everything to know, that some things like Santa or fairies or God do not exist. Do I have 100% certainty. No. Do I need to, in order to make that proclamation. I don’t think so.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation


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