A continuing trend, that I can observe among the religious today is, that some all too readily admit, that they have no proof let alone evidence for their proposed deity and that they believe in God, based on experience,personal revelation and faith alone.

While it is true for me, that solving the problem of divine Hiddenness would be sufficient evidence for me (if the experience was unambigious and could be independently verified) I do see a problem with basing a worldview on said experience and faith in something, for which there is no evidence (or at the very least, for which I have yet to encounter any evidence) is problematic for me.

Now first of all, faith leads to mutually exclusive religious positions. The Hindus have faith, the Muslims have faith the Mor(m)ons have faith and the Christians have faith. Who am I as outsider to trust, who has got the right position?

Is it the one that would do the most for their faith? In that case, I know of a Hindu who has kept up his arm outstretched in the air for decades, in honor of their deity we all know, that Muslim terrorists are willing to die for their faith and we also know, that some Christians are willing to die for their faith as well.

Everyone is pretty dedicated to their beliefs and yet we know, that 2 out of these 3 people are guaranteed to be in error.

In other words: You can be 100% convinced that you got the right religion and you can have as much faith as you could possibly have and still land in error. Therefore it must be concluded, that faith is no pathway to truth, unless someone in the group among the approximately 4000 religions can finally step up and show the difference between the others’ blind faith and their reasonable faith. So far all I’ve heard is that the others worship false Gods while he/she worships the one true God. The question begging in this answer is apparent.

Another problem, that I see is the fact, that you can justify belief in pretty much everything by citing faith as your reason: I could for example have faith, that I have the ability to fly when I’m under pressure. In that case I could simple go on the roof of a skyscraper and take a jump.

It’s my faith after all. Who is anybody, to try to talk me out of it?

Who are these people, that they wouldn’t try to talk me out of it?

See, beliefs don’t exist in a vacuum. They inform our actions. And when my beliefs are in error, maybe even in great error, then it might be the case, that I find myself in a plane one day crashing into the twin towers yelling the words “Allahu Akbar!” . It might also be the case, that I make it my profession to indoctrinate children with scientific nonsense about the Earth being 6000 years old and Noah’s Flood being a historical event, convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I have the right beliefs.

It should be our goal, to always have justified beliefs. And truth be told, you might be completely justified in believing in a god, because the conclusion logically follows from the premises, it’s just that the premises are wrong. It could also be the case, that I’m justified in my Atheism based on false premises. That’s why should try to find the correct premises in our world and hold beliefs, that are always subject to revision. Not all beliefs are harmful of course but we all should be reflective on the truths we hold, maybe even those, we long took for granted.

Otherwise we as a society might suffer from terrible consequences.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

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