This morning I had a debate with two Muslims about the existence of Allah. Rather quickly, the conversation turned to a rather difficult subject among believers of the Abrahamic religions: The theory of evolution.

It was very clear from the get go, that they had no evidence whatsoever for their faith (as usual) and that the two of them were clearly scientifically illiterate. But then one of them brought up the following point, that I will quote verbatum:

“Islamic science increased the faith of Muslims. Euro[pean] science increased euros in their disbelief. Yet both studied but diff[erent] perspectives”

Now here’s the deal: Science and religion are in essence as Stephen Jay Gould put it non-overlapping magisteria. That of course goes for religion in general. Science does have something to say about whether the world is 6000 years old, whether a global Flood occured and whether life on Earth came to be via special divine creation. The answer to these question is a resounding NO!

When he talked about European science he merely meant science the tool we use to build theories based on the evidence we observe and which are then tested repeatably with risky predictions, experiments you name it.

When he talked about Islamic science he meant Pseudoscience, which conforms to his preconceived notions in which you have to shoehorn evidence, distort evidence or outright ignore it in order to build your model which has no predictive power whatsoever and which doesn’t try to make risky predictions at all since they don’t want to falsify their model.

that is the biggest difference between science of Pseudoscience: Science seeks to disprove theories, it seeks build models with predictive power and then wants to burn those models to the ground. Pseudoscience on the other hand tries to make the evidence fit the foregone conclusion and then tries everything to keep the model alive at all costs.

Sound familar? That’s pretty much Creation science and Answers in Genesis attitude in a nutshell.

For all of you who don’t know: Science doesn’t care about your beliefs. Putting our beliefs to the test, questioning them, doing experiments and bulding models on our observations that are always subject to change should new data arise is what got us the world we have today. The fact, that I can write these words on a computer and publish them in the internet attest to the success of science.

As a rational person you don’t demand, that science conforms to your beliefs, your beliefs conform to science. I’ve got no respect for people who refuse the truth and make up their own so called science to cling to beliefs, that have been nothing but a burden to all of humanity. To quote the great late Carl Sagan: “The sacred truth of science is that there are no sacred truths.”

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

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