Yesterday I had a debate with a young Earth Creationist (YEC) on Twitter. Interestingly enough though, our discussion wasn’t about Evolution vs Creation at all. It was about the following rather famous video featuring Ken Ham.

As I showed him this video, I thought it goes without saying, that teaching children this Strawman version of evolution was wrong, as it is wrong to teach them creationism in that way where they not believe in it but where they will never ever question it, but to my surprise he saw it differently.

He not only denied that Ken was blatantly misrepresenting what evolution is about, he also thought it was a good thing, that these children were “taught the truth at an early age”. He also remarked that children were indoctrinated by the media with evolutionary ideas.

Now, I don’t know to what degree the media in America promotes and celebrates evolution but if I were to find a video in which Richard Dawkins or Bill Nye sat down a bunch of 5 year olds and told them, that no Gods exist and neither did Jesus, that all religions are fake especially Christianity and that Evolution is something that can never ever be questioned and that scientists are an unquestionable authority, I would stand right up and say that telling them that is fundamentally wrong. If  they would make the children repeat the sentence “The scientists say it, I believe it, that settles it!” over and over and over every normal person would shake their head in disgust but creationists aren’t normal people.

With the threat of hell in mind and with the fear, that their children might one day be critical thinkers and might question the Bible or worse abandon it, they have no choice but to do it to their children.

The problem I see is that they must deep down know, that they’re lying to their children and that they shouldn’t stifle the brains of the most innocents among us in this ruthless fashion.

But with the Mafia Boss who puts a gun to their head, they see their hands forced to teach them “the truth” at an age when they can’t tell what truth is.

I on the other hand will go a completely different route with my future children. I will raise them to be critical thinkers. I plan to teach them to ask for evidence for (certain non-mundane) claims. I will tell them, that there are people out there who believe that a personal being created the universe and that they should make up their own mind about it but should always be open to change their minds. As far as our origins are concerned I will talk to them about that an appropriate age of around 10-12 years and when I do it, I will visit a natural history museum with them, where I know that they will be presented with evidence not dogma. Of course I will encourage them in further investigation for what the evidence indicates, because that’s what you should do. What you shouldn’t do is what Ham did: Telling them, that this document known as the Bible is not up for investigation, doubt and scrutiny.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

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