One thing I frequently hear when debating theists is that “Atheists can’t account for objective morality, the laws of logic, why there is something rather than nothing, the origin of life etc.

Now I’ve already given my take on morality on mutliple occasions and I plan to give my take on the other 3 items I’ve named as well but it is fair to say that theists are actually right: My worldview has holes and my worldview can’t account for certain let alone everything but here is why that isn’t a problem:

There is no such thing as a perfect worldview that can account for everything.

Theists might now be tempted to say that I’m wrong since after all God created life, he is the source of objective morality, he created matter and energy (ex nihilo) and he is the foundation upon which the laws of logic are dependent.

But there is one thing theists can’t account for: God himself!

Why is there a God rather than nothing? Why does God just exist instead of him being nonexistent? Why is God truthful, omnipotent and omniscient instead of deceitful incompetent and with a complete lack of knowledge? Why did God create instead of just existing as his lone self? Who created God? Why is God eternal instead of finite? Why does God have consciousness?

No matter what the theist answers it will always boil down to “It just is that way.”

the theists accounts for an unknown with an unknown, he accounts for all the things he claims we can’t account for with something that is and of itself unaccounted for.

I as an Atheist am profoundly dissatisfied with the answer that God gave us consciousness or that logic is accounted for by God. God is not answer, God is a fancy way of saying I don’t know which is the answer I have been claiming all along.

And if the theist is allowed to say it just is way that God exists which is a non answer then it stands to reason that I could also just say that it just is that way that existence exists but I of course am honest enough to admit when I don’t know something when I don’t and when really nobody else can.

In the end playing the “Your worldview can’t account for X” card is redundant and meaningless since every worldview has holes, every worldview has things that are unaccounted for, no worldview is perfect but some worldviews and their proponents are honest enough to admit to this, freely confess when something is unknown and perhaps unknowable and they cut out the middle man instead of positing God as the solution and stopping right there, instead of applying the same scrutiny to their God. I don’t know everything but that’s no reason to invoke God especially since God himself is unexplained.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

4 thoughts on “Accounting for things

  1. As a mathematician and philosopher, I would say logic needs no accounting; logic reduces to tautologies (i.e. statements which are by definition true). Russell talks about this.
    I also don’t think a deity can create objective morality. A deity might say ‘this is good and this is bad,’ but this does not account for why we should accept the deity’s judgment. All morality must be ultimately grounded in a ‘I choose to want it that way’ kind of defence.

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  2. If the Christian god exists it is a bumbling failure. Worked six days and had to take a break. Failed with geniuses, got out foxed by a snake, decided he didn’t like how his pet project turned out. So like a petulant child it destroyed every living thing. Kept part of the old project and expected a different outcome. So much for omnipotence. This bad boy seems to have run out of steam. Nobody has heard hide no hair from it for over 2K.


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