Yesterday I ran into a fine, godly, Christian woman. One of the people whom I follow quoted her tweet and I decided to get in the action. I quote her tweet here verbatim:

” You can love your homosexual children all you want, but if my son turns out to be a homosexual I’ll ask him to leave this house of God.”

I of course won’t give away her identity here, but if you look at my timeline on Twitter ( @ILikeTarsiers ) you should be able to see that atrocious Tweet for yourself.

It never fails to surprise me, how some people can say stupid horrible stuff like that and keep a straight face. This post will therefore be dedicated to some of the horrible things I have heard believers say on Twitter. This of course is by no means representative of Christians or Muslims in general and most Theists I’ve met online are pretty decent people but some things believers say are just horrible.

One thing I have read on Sunday from a Christian fringe group (the same who propagates “Hitler/Stalin was an Atheist!” and the Belief in God in our DNA? So what? argument) the assertion, that Atheists are all m evil people. As if deeming an entire demographic of people as evil, makes one morally good, instead of an reprehensible person.

I have also seen them defend this argument by William Lane Craig and after going deeper, this individual even defended God’s slaughter of the Egyptian children in the Exodus or what God did to Job.

But it gets even worse. I even had one individual declare to me in debate a few months back, loud and proud that humans are worth nothing more than scum and that God can take life as he sees fit. His Creation after all right?

And once again these are the reasons I speak out. People in the 21st century can still defend slavery, Genocide and homophobia. Religion can make some people say the most ridiculous and nasty things you’ve ever heard. That’s why I speak out. Because people like that exist and they shouldn’t. People spread hate, because their book tells them to. Regardless of whether you’re a theist or an atheist: We have to tell these people, that their mindset is wrong and that saying stuff like that is morally reprehensible and that a good loving God if he exists would never condone such behavior.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

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