Me and the flat Earth movement have a little bit of history together. Up until yesterday I never doubted for one second that the Earth is a spheroid. Of course it is. Everybody believes it and why would anyone lie about it. That was the case until I came across this playlist . Bryan right here made a pretty damn good case and I didn’t know how to refute it. It all made so much sense.

Now the biggest objection that I had initially is, that the Flat Earth is a fucking conspiracy theory. And that’s completely correct it is a conspiracy theory. As a Flat-Earther, you have to believe that NASA lies to us about the Globe. Most Proponents suggest, that they just want to hide the fact, that God exists. With the Globe after all we’re nothing special, the Bible is already undermined (Isaiah 40: 22) and so evolution, the Big Bang are all the more likely. Now I still don’t believe in any deity but I do think NASA has to hide something. I don’t know yet what it is but I’m going to find out. All in all I don’t know what to think anymore. Is the Earth indeed flat. After my research I have to conclude it is.

I know, that I sound outright crazy to you. And that’s because it is fucking crazy and it is fucking crazy because I didn’t mean a word I wrote. The day I’m writing this, is the first of April aka April fool’s day. No I’m not a Flat Earther. It’s still a Globe, I haven’t lost my mind and that Bryan guy is an idiot.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

2 thoughts on “The Earth is flat

  1. As hilarious as BOP YouTube posts are, I cannot bear to watch more than 60 seconds of his idiocy before turning it off. It is akin to watching a droll 80s US sitcom. I find flat earthers to be repellent. I can only laugh at them for so long without dismissing them on principle.
    That said, thank you for making my April first a silly one. 😛😂



    1. They’re just really bad. First class reality denial. Problem is once they whole heartedly believe in this shit, they submit to Jebus and at that point you’re running agaisnts 2 walls. The issue is no longer intellectual. Once you’re in it there’s no way back. Hence why I care about mental hygiene and practice it via different methods (Bayes theorem for instance “Nature of belief”)
      Stay rational.




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