Yesterday I woke up to an interesting Hashtag on Twitter: #HangAyazNizami !

The reason for this hashtag is the following: Ayaz Hizami is an outspoken Atheist blogger in Pakistan, which is of course overwhelmingly Muslim. Since blaspheming the Almighty Allah is against the law in Pakistan, he now has to face a death penalty.

This completely unjust and outrageous punishment for criticizing Islam would be bad enough on its own but the support for this on Twitter left me in shock.

In the discussion with the Muslim extremists (and yes if you want to see somebody dead just because he offended your precious fantasies you are an extremist in my eyes at least) I have encountered many ridiculous excuses such as “You are free to be an atheist, but you can’t criticize my religion” or in other words “You can lack belief in God but keep quiet about and don’t you dare tell me about your atheism or why you reject Islam or you’re gonna be dead.”

They also said that they’re fine with freedom of speech but this freedom of speech stops when it comes to their religion.

I want to make one thing very clear: I have absolutely nothing against moderate Muslims and I have in fact some friends who are Muslims but my freedom of speech allows me to criticize religion and this includes Christianity, Mor(m)onism and whether you like it or not, most definitely includes Islam and if you’re calling for for somebody to be killed because he scrutinizes your beliefs, you better believe I’m gonna be in your face about why I disagree with Islam and I’ll offend the living hell out of your Qu’ran, your Allah and your Pedo Prophet Muhammed.

Especially in times like this, it is my duty to speak out against Bullshit and the fact, that somebody will be killed for criticizing religion and that I find myself in discussion with people, who support his execution and outright demand him to be killed, is total and utter Bullshit. Every idea should be up for grabs, everyone has the right to critique and to ridicule everything but religion in general but especially Islam has been excempt for way too long from this critique.

so in honor of Ayaz Nizami here are a few reasons why I find Islam ridiculous (I don’t know too much about Islam):

  • Muhammad was a Pedophile
  • a winged fucking horse
  • you dare not draw Muhammad’s face
  • Man wasn’t made from clay (Duh)
  • whether you like it or not if Islam was a religion of peace, terrorists couldn’t use the scriptures to justify their deeds
  • When you call for the death of a “Blasphemer” your religion isn’t peaceful
  • like all other religions it’s opressive towards women
  • It’s anti gay
  • rejecting Islam for the reasons above is not grounds to kill him/her

Those were just a few reasons that came to mind right of the bat. To be clear let me say it once more: I have nothing against moderate Muslims and if you believe in Islam and are a kind, peaceful human being, then that’s completely fine. I disagree with it and might mock it on occasion (just like everybody can mock atheism or humanism) but there is no beef between us. If you’re on of those other guys, then I’ll openly call out you and your Bullshit beliefs for what they are and I’ll do it to your face. And I encourage my fellow atheists, agnostics, Christians and Muslims who find your behavior equally disgusting to join in.

Goodbye from yours truly,

Rene von Boenninghausen @Renevelation

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